" Power to the Youth "

Amicus Onlus

Amicus Onlus is an International organization of volunteers that work towards the creation of sustainable human development through capacity building. From Amicus Onlus perspective, development is a question of capacity building. Capacity building is much more than the capability of single persons to undertake specific tasks and it is not limited to technical assistance but the holistic approach to the development of human resources.

Towards this end, all the projects of Amicus are developed and implemented in very close collaboration and after careful examinations in loco by a specific commission for each project. A local Supervision Commission ensures that the aims of each project responds to the concrete needs of time and space before they are implemented.

By means of this approach, Amicus Onlus has initiated the following projects

  • Baobab Academy
  • Baobab Medical Centre

Boabab Academy

In October 2003, after a series of interactions with the Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment, the Ministry of Education, the Ghana Labor Commission, the National Youth Council and a number of technical and vocational schools, the Baobab Academy was set up as a Centre to tackle issues regarding youth employment and to help those who want to further the education and professional skills…

The decision for the Baobab Academy was informed by the findings from these interactions. The Academy is therefore a Management and Entrepreneurship Centre that provides the unemployed Ghanaian youth, the less privileged in society and all those with a desire to improve upon their skills, the knowledge, capacity and instruments to start their own business to become self employed and also climb up the academic ladder.

Our areas of training are divided into four main units. This division is based on the motivation that any person who comes into contact with the Baobab Academy can have an opportunity to improve their education or professional training.

Currently, the Baobab Academy runs among many others, Social Intervention and Capacity Building programmes with focus on youth and women

Baobab Medical Center

The Medical Centre is a multipurpose clinic located in Biriwa in the Mfantsiman District of the Central Region of Ghana. This was made possible by the collaborative effort of the Ghana Health Service, the Mfantsiman District Assembly, the Chiefs and people of Biriwa and Amicus Onlus…

Even though Ghana is seriously constrained by shortage of health personnel, the lack of health personnel in the Mfantsiman District is particularly acute. The BMC was established in October 2005 to help address the ever-present challenge of providing quality medical care to Ghanaians, particularly the impoverished in the rural communities.

The Centre provides free and subsidized healthcare services and medical outreach programmes. Each day, approximately 120 patients are seen by the BMC staff. However, the Clinical also works with the support of voluntary Italian doctors, who schedule travels to Ghana to work at the centre.

The BMC has over the years become a landmark health care provider in the Mfantsiman municipality and the entire Central Region of Ghana.