Baobab Medical Center and Outreach Program

Health is a basic good that conditions all aspects of human life and achievement.  Globally, countries are faced with challenges in the quest to improve health care provision. These healthcare challenges range from rising number of patients with varying diseases, ageing population and a chronic lack of human and material resources. The health care system in Ghana is under stress. Persons living in rural areas do not have access to quality health care. Doctor to patient ratios remain at a high of about 8000 and life expectancy still hovers around 62 years.  

The Baobab Medical Centre (BMC) an Amicus Onus project, was established after a series of interactions with stakeholders (relevant government agencies and the community). During its establishment in 2005, there was no health post in the Biriwa community and some of its surrounding villages. Biriwa sub-district has a population of about 20,104 with two (2) CISP compounds namely Asafora and Akatakyiwa.

The BMC has been operating within this community for 16 years, in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Biriwa community. Annually about 33,000 patients receive medical care from the facility. The services provided include: Out Patient Department (OPD); ante-natal services; prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMCTC); diabetes clinic; SCANs and laboratory services, eye screening, home visits and school health. These services are provided in-house and during outreach activities within and around the Biriwa sub-district that are carried out with the aid of mobile clinic unit available at the center.

The ‘outreach program’ allows the BMC to expand its medical service to remote areas that do not currently have health facilities. Specialized Italian volunteer doctors ensure these services throughout the whole year with the assistance of our long-term medical planning.

Prevention and health care awareness is a core part of the project of the BMC. This is done through the work of the community health nurses who visit schools, churches and the various communities regularly.

With support from some institutions, the BMC is able to achieve its core mandate of quality and affordable healthcare provision. These institutions are;

  • Regional Office of the Ghana Health Service (GHS)
  • Mfantseman District, Central Region
  • Biriwa Community and its Chief
  • Mfantseman Municipal Authorities
  • Amicus Italy

With a mission statement of providing quality and affordable healthcare to all clients who visit our facility (we interact with), the Baobab Medical Centre (BMC) provides services to bridge the equity gaps in geographical access to health service.