Community Partnership Program

Ghana has seen a good deal of economic and social development over the past decade. However, the distribution of wealth still remains a large problem in the country. There are communities that still struggle with access to basic needs such as education, health care and sanitation. These communities can be found in the larger metropolis such as Accra and in the remote rural areas.

In order to respond to the pressing needs of these communities and to help reduce the increasing divide there is between the rich and the very poor in the country, we have rolled out programmes in collaboration with the leaders of the communities to take the programmes being offered at the Baobab Academy to the doorsteps of the need communities. Some of these projects are:

  • Reintegration of Returnee Emmigrants
  • Apam Community School Project
  • Rural Women Capacity Building
  • Disabled Boys Skills Development Fund
  • Jerseys to Ojoo
  • Builsa girl

The programmes being offered in 2014 are literacy, ICT training and vocational skills as mentioned above. At the Baobab Academy we are constantly looking to partner with leaders (Chiefs, Market women, Assembly Men, Church leaders) from these communities in order to bring our services to nearer home to the most needy communities.