Skill Training for SMEs in Ghana


Ghana’s population is young. More than 50% of Ghanaians are under 25 years old. The number of job opportunities available is quite small compared to the number of persons coming on to the job market each year. Amicus believes that a key solution to this challenge is to transform job seekers into job creators. An efficient way to achieve this is to provide skills to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) means to grow. SMEs are the backbone of the Ghanaian economy, representing 85% of the economy and contributing 70% to the GDP.

At Amicus, we focus on investing in skills for the socio-economic empowerment of the youth. Special attention is given to girls and women from rural areas, deprived communities and all those persons who risk being marginalized by the mainstream academic programmes. Skills development is key to improving rural productivity, employability and income-earning opportunities. Barriers in education and training often limit the opportunities for some members of the society to access remunerative work, perform managerial and leadership roles. A way to break these barriers and to empower people is to enable them to become productive and to participate fully in the development of their communities.

The Baobab Academy offers a series of skills and vocational training programmes that will enable stakeholders to start their own entrepreneurial activity. Apart from the practical skill training, the students are also given the necessary skills of self-employment in today’s society: namely, basic ICT, entrepreneurship, and personal mentoring. In some cases, we also provide the seed capital in terms of tools and materials in order to start up a small-scale business.

This unit targets both the rural and urban youths we find in our communities.

Among the programmes offered are:

  • Customer Service and Book-keeping for Market Women
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • How to Make Sales
  • Beads making
  • Floral Decoration
  • Sewing and Tailoring